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Matt Artinger Custom Guitars Our primary goal here at Artinger Custom Guitars is to create unique instruments that match our players' personalities.

The bond we've formed over the past 14 years with each of our clients has not only fueled the growth and maturity of our instruments, it's fueled our creative growth as a company.

YOUR passion drives OUR passion, and because of the individual relationships we build with our clients, no two instruments ever end up alike... we prefer it that way!

Enjoy our galleries and forums, and if you have any questions, ideas, or dreams to share, we’d love to hear them.

Matt Artinger Custom Guitars
Matthew J. Artinger

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New pics added Feb 7!  (369)

New pics added Oct 25!  (367, 368)

New pics added Oct 11!  (363, 364, 365, 366)

New pics added Aug 7!  (362)

FOR SALE!!!  (353)
2016 Artinger Singlecut Semi-hollow
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Latest News

Popular MechanicsArtinger Guitars is featured in the November issue of Popular Mechanics!

So #299 and #338 walk into a studio...

Frankenstein (Cover with Artinger Guitars)

Elizabeth Reed (Cover with Artinger Guitars)

More videos here!


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See the latest models coming out of the Artinger workshop!


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News Archive

Clay Sears playing his Artinger CS-2 on Saturday Night Live May 16 with Rihanna!!

Chandler Martin - The Amazing Billy Black

Clay Sears Clay Sears with Ludacris at the International Festival, July 12th

Mike Rempel voted #1 EDM Guitarist!

Vintage Guitar MagazineCheck out Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 2014 issue, Builder Profile featuring Artinger Custom Guitars!

Jake Hertzog covers "Streets of Philadelphia"

Jake Hertzog Trio Live "Hands On"

Harvey Valdez April in Paris - solo fingerstyle

Jake Hertzog plays "Firefly" using Pigtronix Analog Effects - Studio Recording

Clay Sears is currently on Jay Z's Magna Carta/Holy Grail tour with his Artinger CS-2 chambered solid and custom Hellfire!

Harvey Valdes, All The Things You Are
Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

Jake Hertzog - HELSINKI LIVE Review
by Antii Backwater

The Prodigals "The Blow" OFFICIAL VIDEO

For all of you that are wondering where rock went -- it's still alive and well Down Under!!! Check out this clip! Artinger chambered 7 string...

FiOS1 Talks Music With Bernie Williams and Gil Parris -- FiOS1’s Wendy Gillette sits down with former New York Yankees outfielder and guitarist Bernie Williams and guitarist Gil Parris to discuss their jazz collaboration.

Electified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar, by Robert Shaw
Buy from Amazon
Matt Artinger is featured in new book about luthiers!

Electified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar
by Robert Shaw
Electified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar, by Robert Shaw Electified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar, by Robert Shaw

New video clips from Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit! Check them out on the Media page

Premier Guitar Magazine Artinger Custom Semi-Hollow is reviewed in Premier Guitar magazine's July 2011 issue!

Premier Guitar Magazine Artinger Guitars is featured in Premier Guitar magazine's October 2010 issue